Sound Hush – Soundproof Glass Window System

Unique soundproofing glass window system fitted to your existing windows


The Sound Hush Window soundproofing system is a retrofitted, after market window treatment that significantly reduces outside noise such as Traffic noise, Aircraft noise, Train noise …. make this a thing of the past This soundproof glass window system is fitted internally, leaving the existing window glass and window hardware in place and does not affect the outside appearance of the building.

Soundproof with impact – Decibel comparison

As a comparison, normal traffic noise runs at a decibel rate of about 70dB. A vacuum cleaner 1 meter away is also 70dB. While a quiet house in the country has a dB rating of about 33dB. With the Sound Hush Window System, you’re decibel rating will be between 35 and 40 dB. That is a reduction of more than 30 decibels when comparing to road traffic noise.


Sound Hush Glass Window System has an extruded aluminium surface finished in either anodised or powder coated to suit your décor.

The window offers a 3 point blocking system, tilt/turn design which allows the window to be fully opened 180 degrees on the turn mechanism or on the tilt which opens 100mm for ventilation, while still maintaing 100% integral security.

No need to have tradesmen around for days, no need for tarps and lack of security …. the Sound Hush Window system is installed and finished usually in the same day. No mess and no fuss!

Silence, normal conversations, soft music are now all possible with our Sound Hush Window systems.

Contact us to today to find out more about our Sound Hush Window System on 1300 075 653 or email us at [email protected]. We have local Suncoast teams servicing Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Northern New South Wales and Newcastle.

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