Screen Pool Enclosure for a Rural Home with a difference

Customer Vision and Project Objective

Terri and her husband live on a rural property where their home is positioned in close proximity to neighbouring bushland. While they love their large outdoor pool, they were always cleaning and maintaining it due to the large amount of leaves and other debris that would blow into it.To add to their pool maintenance issue, there were a number of ducks in the area that had started to use their pool rather than the local damn and in the Summer, they had flies and mosquitoes to contend with.

As a secondary vision, they wanted to improve the out door area around the pool as they love to entertain and needed to accommodate large gatherings. With so many people around, including children, they needed the pool area to be as safe as possible.

They were not interested in converting the swimming pool into an indoor pool, as they loved being in the outdoors during the Summer months so they contacted Suncoast Enclosures to discuss some options for a screen pool enclosure.

Suncoast’s Custom Design Solution

In order to meet the desire that Terri had in relation to the pool area, we designed and constructed a screen pool enclosure that covered not only the pool but the surrounding patio area. Using our strongest, light weight screen mesh, we were able to not only stop the birds and leaves flying into the pool but also allow them to entertain around the pool without ever worrying about the Summer flies and mosquitoes. The light mesh quickly blends into the background and unlike glass, offers an unobtrusive feel and view for them to enjoy their bushland setting.

To improve the aesthetics of the entertaining area, we incorporated a weather proof area between the edge of the house and where the screen pool enclosure started. By designing this section, with the elevation away from the existing eves, it was possible to add the feeling of space and light while still ensuring the elements were kept out. We used a colourbond insulated roofing material that blended in with their existing roof style.

To ensure the safety of the guests, we built an unobtrusive pool fence that separated the immediate pool area from the house. By incorporating all the elements into the one design we were able to offer a cost effective solution that met all their expectations.

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